Thursday, December 17, 2009

Oh my, I've been tagged for an "Honest Scrap Award"

Susan Cohan aka Miss Rumphius' Rules, has tagged me for this bit of notoriety! The award has two components. First you have to list 10 honest things about yourself (and make them interesting), and second -- present the award to seven other bloggers. This was an interesting process for me. I'm more comfortable sharing photos of baskets and nature than using words, but here it goes:
1. I spend far too much time on Twitter, but it inspires me and I always learn something new or interesting.
2. Looking at color and design feeds me the way others are moved by music.
3. I believe in quality, not quantity as it applies to just about everything.
4. My best friend is an extroverted, 94 pound Old English Sheepdog.
5. I like all animals, but not all people.
6. I tried once, fell in love, it didn't work out. (I won't try that again soon.)
7. I am more comfortable in a garden or on the side of a mountain, than in a city. (There's a rustic cluster of cabins in northern Norway where I seem to breathe more deeply ...)
8. My 30 year old yard/garden is seriously "potbound."
9. I wanted to be an architect, I've always been an artist.
10. I wish preschools would teach logic to little kids.
My seven (plus one) choices for bloggers are:
I look forward to hearing any thoughts you might like to share.


  1. Interesting tidbits, Kari. I never would have suspected look forward to the responses from your extremely eclectic list of those you tagged! Thanks for playing.

  2. I'm with you on points 2 and 3 in particular. I love shapes colour and spaces - particularly rural ones.

    I've seen pictures of your garden - you may think it 'potbound' but it looked pretty good to me.

    An interesting pot-pourri.

  3. @susan - Like you, my interests are broad. I want to know about everything and see beauty in unexpected places. To do that we have to stretch and explore ......
    @felicity - I love reading your blog! I hope you won't mind, but I'm adding your blog to my list. (And I appreciate all your past comments!)

  4. Hi Kari, Thank you for stopping by my blog. I loved this post! Emma is too cute! We lost our old dog 2 years ago, and I miss him so much but haven't had it in me to replace him yet... maybe soon. As for that partner is out there and will show up at just the right time! I believe that. When something is meant to be, nothing can stop it. (: Your choice blogs are great... I love Rima at The Hermitage... been following her for awhile now! Have good holiday season~

  5. Kari: I think this is one great post. Every items says it all, and you are definitely as much an artist with words, as you are with any other medium.

    Now about your baskets. They should win every award available.

    Congrats on receiving the "greatest all around artist" award from me.