Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Flowers, colors, pattern and architecture

I don't weave as much in the summer as I do in the colder months (or update this blog). I get distracted by being outside; exploring the wild areas, watching plants mature and become gardens, and photography. Things change on a daily basis: color combinations, textures and how they all work together. If I don't go out and look everyday I might miss something. The camera helps me remember the vignettes that take my breath away. The photos give me a way to share these glimpses with people who are busy doing other things.
I've been thinking about how my life and art intersect, specifically how my love of animals, architecture and basketry overlap ... Because I have to find the words in order to tell you about this, it may take a while. I started this blog so I could share a few of the thoughts I have, but I am really far more comfortable weaving than writing. I will be back to continue this.
This is what my front "yard" looked like in July.