Thursday, February 18, 2010

"Champagne Ice"

I got up early one morning to catch the ice crystals before the sun melted them. It was in the low teens outside and the sun was just hitting the arborvitea. An hour later the details had blurred and the magic moment had disappeared.
p.s. I entered this photo in an online photography contest called "Winter Light." The juror, Roger Foley gave me a Silver. Click on his name to see his website! Getting an award from him is quite a complement.

Friday, February 5, 2010

The museum commission is in the works!

After a few months of sketching out design ideas and weaving small maquettes, I started work on the commission for the Fuller Craft Museum's permanent collection. They want their piece to be a personal statement representing and topping off, the work I've done to date. I'm weaving a sculptural, graphic, double-walled construction which will incorporate my "hairy" technique in the inner basket. The above photos are details of the basket. (I enjoy photographing these almost as much as I love weaving/creating/problem-solving the actual baskets.)
Double-wall construction baskets are woven in two sections, an outer basket and an inner basket. I have finished most of the weaving/work on the outer basket, though I may rework the colors, or alter their placement as the inner basket design evolves. Working photos of the outer basket are posted here. More photos will follow as I work on the inner basket.