Monday, December 7, 2015

Baskets Inspired by Nature's Colors

I was invited by two groups on FB doing once-a-day-for-5-day-challenges. One challenge was "Nature Photos" the other was called "Creators Art" challenge. I decided to post a series of photos showing how many of my color combinations have been inspired by nature.

Maple leaf rose with leaves and fall colored reed (top left), dried rose buds from Sydney Eddison (lower left) and "Back Door," 16.25" x 12.75" 2015.

Connecticut sunset, oak leaf hydrangea leaves and a "hairy nest" 3" x 6."

Autumn leaves in my driveway and 2 "hairy nests," each 3" x 6."

"Ocean Inspired Seagrass," 15" x 12" 2013 and where the ocean meets an island off the coast of Norway.

Water lilies and Croton leaves at the Chicago Botanic Garden with a "hairy nest" 3" x 6."