Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A New Year for Baskets, Gardens + Small Miracles

Every year we can look back and learn from our experiences, big and little obstacles get in the way, but every day we get a little closer to getting it right. And, if we look for them, we can delight in the small miracles happening all around us. I wish all of you the best of years to come.

This past summer the garden exploded with new potential. I rejuvenated and reclaimed areas much in need of structure. This path had been so overgrown, I couldn't walk through it. Unseen, but off to the right, I cleared enough space to plant tomatoes, beans, cucumbers and white pumpkins!

This fall, my baskets bloomed with new, stronger colors and a few were larger than any I'd woven before. Here's what they looked like at the 2014 Philadelphia Museum of Art's Craft Show.

*There are more photographs, and information about the baskets on my website. And, if you want to see what I've been photographing outdoors and editing online, go to my page on Instagram.