Monday, June 22, 2009

Fractured, a new basket for the wall

This basket began as a desire to work with a new, dark neutral reed I'd just dyed. For the last few months, I've been working with bright colors, but now I'm drawn to working in muted tones. (The recent rain has literally dampened everything.) While I weave, I think about the construction, graphics and the use of color, as if they all had personalities. I've always liked the privacy and security of courtyard gardens, so in this piece I wove a raised wall around the center grid. From the top of the wall, I added the spiral design to draw the eye out to the edge, but contained the graphic with a solid band. The red I used as emotion - as the contrasting element in a field of neutrals. It's the 'red' that gives this piece - life, and meaning.
The basket measures 15.5' wide x 1.5" deep.


  1. Until I saw your work I never realised that baskets could have - well, another dimension, beyond utility perhaps. Have I been living a sheltered life?

    Love 'em - look forward to seeing more.

  2. No ... most people still have a limited idea about "baskets." I don't usually tell people I make baskets, unless I can show them a photo of what I do. Thanks for understanding the difference!

  3. (blushes) I am one of those people with limited ideas about baskets...but not any more! How beautiful this is, it is more than basketry, it is art, but you know that...