Thursday, May 21, 2009

A peak at my front porch and garden

This is what I see when I stand on my front porch and look out over my front "yard." Right now the white and purple alliums are just peaking, as are the mountain bells (blue). Emma is my constant companion. She doesn't look like her normal 84 pounds, though the summer haircut did slim her down a lot.


  1. What a beautiful garden Kari!!!


  2. That's just my cup of tea! Jungely, lush, verdant - wonderful. And Emma - moving, all real!Is that a river I'm peeking at on the left?
    Paula xx

  3. That must be the perfect front 'yard'. Love the dappled light and shade and the richness of the foliage - I'm imagining bird song too. Please show us more.

    Thanks for visiting my mountain kingdom and prompting me to call in here.

  4. What a beautiful combination of plants. Your garden is amazing!